Arnold wins in a landslide

Arnold wins in a landslide

In the end, it was no contest. On October 7, Arnold Schwarzenegger shocked the political world by being elected governor of California in a landslide victory, as voters ousted the sitting governor Gray Davis in a special recall election. Sure, Davis is no Sergio Oliva, but most political observers doubted Schwarzenegger's ability to convince voters he could get the job done. Of course, underestimating Arnold is always a losing proposition. In the end, his opposition was, indeed, terminated.

The seven-time Mr. Olympia and box office superstar will now face his greatest challenge as governor of California. Expect Arnold to bring the steely-eyed determination and focus honed from his bodybuilding years to Sacramento. The discipline and work ethic he perfected in the gym will serve him well as he goes toe-to-toe with special interests and career politicians. Now, he's truly the people's champ.

In the meantime, bodybuilding fans should savor the accomplishments of the most famous athlete in the history of the sport. Arnold has proven once and for all that bodybuilders deserve respect from the mainstream, and that those engaged in the physique arts develop qualities that build character as well as muscle. Arnold's conquest should help boost the sport not just in the state of California, but all over the world. Arnold's win is a victory for every bodybuilder.

We join the rest of the bodybuilding community in congratulating Arnold, and wish him the best as he begins his term as governor of California.