Battle for 2013 Mr. Olympia: Phil Heath's Training Plan

Phil Training Differently this year

Battle for 2013 Mr. Olympia: Phil Heath's Training Plan

Check out the February Issue of Flex Magazine and read about Phil Heath's Approach to the Upcoming 2013 Mr. Olympia.  Here is a short piece from the interview with Mr. Olympia:

Flex Magazine: This off-season, are you going to do anything differently now that Jay Cutler is coming back?

Phil Heath: I can’t wait to start my off-season prep; Jay coming back is a huge inspiration to train harder. This off-season, I am going to plan better. In the past, I would be traveling for appearances and skip meals or because of jet lag, skip a workout but now I am handling things much differently. Now, if I am scheduled to eat and am at an appearance, I need to learn to say, “Excuse me, I will be back in 15 minutes, I have to go eat.” In the past, I missed meals because I wanted to be there for all my fans, but I need to learn to stay on schedule. But my main goal is just to be denser onstage, and that comes with having more muscle maturity. I don’t have specific numbers weight-wise that I need to get up to in the off-season. I am not like all these bodybuilders who need to be 300 pounds in the off-season.

Bodybuilders get so fixated on weight, but when we diet down, we all lose some muscle. Look at Kai. He gets massive in the off-season, but he lost certain body parts when he dieted down. My metabolism is so fast that when I start dieting for a show, I get shredded, but tend to lose more muscle than I like. Last year and also for the 2011 Olympia prep, I was ready to compete at two weeks out. Hany is always making adjustments so that I don’t lose too much muscle going into the show. Training this year is going to be different as well. I used to train each body part once a week, and as everyone knows, I never trained my arms the entire year until about a month before the show. This year, I am training each body part twice a week, and I am training my arms once a week. Yes, I said that, “I am training my arms once a week.” I don’t think it’s going to throw off my proportions like ­everyone says.

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