Bikini Model Search 2014 Finalist: Dina Barela

Dina Barela is one of five selected as a 2014 Flex Bikini Model Search Finalist, sponsored by BPI, and will compete at the FLEX Bikini Model Search Championships in Las Vegas during the Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend.


Name: Dina Barela

Age:  37

Height: 5' 6''

Weight: 128

Lives: Henderson, NV

My Story

I was an athlete in high school, but then I had hip surgery, I could not work out for several years. I was determined to get back in shape after years or physical therapy

My Infuence

The past FLEX Bikini Model Search winners, like IFBB bikini pro Amanda Latona, have definitely inspired me to get in shape and get on stage and compete. They are the product of what happens when strong meets feminine, and that’s beautiful! I was always admired all of the fit girls I would see in the magazines

Hard Work

You can’t just walk in and win; it’s a lot of dedication and sacrifice. I spend up to six days per week training and follow a rigorous diet but the sacrifice is well worth if for me! We’ll find out soon if that’s enough when the voting process for the Flex Bikini Model Search begins.

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