Dave Bautista: A Whole Other Animal

The sports entertainment and MMA star has movie stardom in his sights.


Photos by Per Bernal

At 6'4" and 265 lbs, Dave Bautista seems like an unlikely choice to play Hamlet. The mural of tattoos down his barn-door-size back and the road map of veins running through his shoulders and arms suggest a dude who can bench press more than four plates, win six world titles in WWE, and beat a man into submission inside a mixed martial arts cage. Bautista, of course, has done all the above. But if you think the man known to sports-entertainment fans as “the Animal” can’t put a beating on somebody and then entertain you with a sonnet, you’re selling Bautista short.

Don’t do that again.

The villain of last winter’s James Bond film, Spectre, now has movie stardom in his sights and a stage production of Shakespeare on his bucket list.


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