Enter the Generation Iron Scavenger Hunt!

Enter to Win a Free Autographed Poster from all of the Athletes in Generation Iron!

Enter the Generation Iron Scavenger Hunt!

Enter the Generation Iron Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win a poster autographed by all of the athletes in the movie!  

 To enter, you must first download the Generation Iron IPAD App: 

 Download link: Generation Iron IPAD Scavenger Hunt: 1.) What exercise does Kai Greene always finish off with when training back?2.) How much did Phil Heath weigh when he won his first bodybuilding contest?3.) How often does Victor Martinez train arms and in which order? 4.) In which city was Dennis Wolf Born?5.) How old was Ben Pakulski when he first started to lift weights?6.) How many reps can Branch Warren squat 500? 7.) Hidetada Yamagishi played sports and also earned what belt in martial arts? 8.) What exercise does Roelly Winklaar always start his biceps with? Second, watch the Extended Director's Cut Generation Iron DVD 

 To purchase: DVD Scavenger Hunt: 1.) What is Phil Heath’s last line in the “Extended Interview with Phil Heath” special feature? 2.) In the new scene with Ben Pakulski in the restaurant, who is he eating dinner with? Send in all of your answers to: 

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