Final Results 2012 Prague Pro Championships

Dennis Wolf, James Flex Lewis and Justine Munro win their Divisions at the 2012 Prague Pro Championships

Final Results 2012 Prague Pro Championships

The season is over and your winners of the final show of the 2012 season (save for the Masters Olympia) have claimed their victories!

Dennis Wolf, James Flex Lewis and Justine Munro won their Divisions at the 2012 Prague Pro Championships. Wolf moved up the ranks from 6th place at the 2012 Mr Olympia (where Rhoden placed 3rd) to 2nd place at the Arnold Classic Europe (where Rhoden took 1st) to taking first here at the 2012 Prague Pro, followed by Rhoden then Johnnie Jackson. Wolf improved dramatically from his showing at the 2012 Mr Olympia. Had he shown up in this condition in Las Vegas, there's a good chance Wolf would have displaced Branch Warren for a coveted spot in the Top 5.

Rhoden, on the other hand, defied most all odds by only placing 8th at the 2012 Arnold Classic, taking 6 weeks off for hernia surgery, then coming back to win 4 consecutive contests minus the 2012 Olympia! If my math is correct, Rhoden competed 8 times this year. That's just unbelievable!

Johnnie Jackson improved immensely this year. Plain and simple - Jackson got bigger and hard but didn't have that polish to carry him into better placement early on. In tonight's showing, Jackson truly had 3rd place and arguably could have moved up into 2nd.

I am happy to see Ed Nunn move up the ranks. I think he was overlooked both at the Sheru Classic and the Arnold Classic Europe. Nunn's conditioning was spot on these past three shows and his aesthetics are unreal. However, his tall frame outlines the need for a bit more muscle.

In the 212 Class, it was a repeat battle as two of the top three just recently fought it out at the British Grand Prix. Minus Jose Raymond, who chose not to compete tonight, Correa moved into 3rd place behind Al-Haddad leaving your winner, James Flex Lewis.

In the Bikini Division, Justine Munro jumped to the top followed by Anna Virmajoki and the beautiful Noemi Olah.

Below are the final placements from this evening.

Men Open
212 Men
Bikini Olympia

1. Dennis Wolf
2. Shawn Rhoden
3. Johnnie Jackson
4. Edward Nunn
5. Toney Freeman
6. Robert Piotrkowicz
7. Ronny Rockel
8. Roelly Winklaar
9. Michael Kefalianos
10. Thomas Benagli
11. Juri Leonov
12. Grigori Atoyan
13. Alvin Small
14. Daniele Seccarecci
15. Jaime Atienza
16. Tommi Thorvildsen

1. Flex Lewis
2. Sami Al-Haddad
3. Eduardo Correa
4. William Bonac
5. Khalid Almohsinawi
6. Masoom Butt
7. Steve Benthin
8. Frederic Sauvage
9. Lukas Osladil
10. Lee Powell
11. Marcus Becht
12. Oliver Adzievski
13. Fauzi Hanst
14. Ralf Herget

1. Justine Munro
2. Anna Virmajoki
3. Noemi Olah
4. Nikola Weiterova
5. Michelle Brannan
6. Tanja Canc
7. Talia Terese
8. Gemmalyn Crosby
9. Diana Graham
10. Andrea Hertlein
11. Casey Lee Trailer
12. Ozdemir Figen
13. Ronnie Blewitt

Vladimira Krasova

Up to 163cm
1. Valeria Amirato
2. Inmaculada Gual
3. Daria Shevchenko
4. Iryna Hileta
5. Anasasia Voinkova
6. Melinda Zsiga

Up to 168cm
1. Karina Antovska
2. Denisa Lipovska
3. Monika Rosenbergerova
4. Kristina Karaliute
5. Hanna Maliarova
6. Frida Horvath
Sandra Ott
Melanie Roller
Eva Nutilova

Over 168cm
1. Vladimira Krasova
2. Martina Abukhlal
3. Jana Majernikova
4. Sandra Syciova
5. Putrova Olga
6. Marie Miksova
Ponomareba Ksenia
Radka Praskova
Erika Lajos
Gabriella Rakoczi
Katalin Jasetrab
Petra Redl
Nina Eckert