Fitness Super-Star Emily Skye

This fitness beauty was once self-conscious of her body - then she took control.

Fitness Super-Star Emily Skye

It takes just one glance (and the obligatory double-take) to see why Australian stunner and social media queen Emily Skye has more than 6 million fans following her every move. She’s got it all: the body, the face, the eyes—we could keep going on. On the surface it seems she's led a charmed life, but her current status as a fitness role model didn’t come easily. She’s had to be tough and goal-driven get to where she is, and that’s what inspires the many women looking to improve their lives. Here, the Aussie beauty reveals some eye-opening facts about her past, her motivation to get in shape, her ideal man, and much more.


"For a long time, I struggled with body-image issues and was extremely depressed and insecure. I loved the look of strong women. By 25, I discovered fitness and started training, gaining 22 pounds, and started to feel healthier and happier.”


It pays to mind your manners, fellas. "Gentlemen will never go out of fashion. They get me every time.”


"I used to ride dirt bikes. And when I'm not in the gym or working, I like travel and to swim in the ocean.”


Of ribs, that is. Paired with a side of fries, it’s how she satisfies her need to splurge.


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