Flex Loves Coco

The reality star ("Ice Loves Coco") and Las Vegas headliner ("Peepshow") talks about her iconic body's genetic gifts, and reflects on the rewards of a focused fitness regimen


Are people intimidated by you in the gym these days, now that you’re so into the ftness lifestyle?

Defnitely not. People actually come up to me all the time and ask how to do this and how to do that. I’m just not an intimidating person, no matter how hard I go at it in the gym. Maybe my pictures intimidate some people, but when you meet me in person, I’m an everyday girl. At my meet-and-greets after my show, people always tell me I’m way more down-to-earth than they imagined I’d be. I don’t see myself as some kind of celebrity or star—I’m just an ordinary girl who goes to the gym and might be a little popular. That’s how I like to see it.

What made you decide to take over for Holly Madison in the Las Vegas Peepshow?

When I frst got the offer, I turned it down. I didn’t want to leave my husband and my whole lifestyle. I knew I had things so well organized for 12 years in New York, and I didn’t want to disturb that in any way. But Ice pretty much convinced me this was something I should do, because it’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime deal—not just taking part in a Vegas show, but headlining it. He basically said to me, “Honestly, Coco, if I were offered a Vegas show, I’d go and do it.” I was more concerned with leaving him—but he’s here for the summer, now that he’s done filming [Law & Order:] SVU. So we’ve made it work.

On numerous occasions, you’ve described yourself as a bodybuilder. Can you tell us what you mean when you say that? Is every girl who lifts weights a bodybuilder?

I think that if you actually lift heavy weights to change the structure of your body, you’re a bodybuilder. I don’t go into the gym and do cardio to slim down. I go into the gym to purposely gain muscle, and the only way to do that is by lifting heavy weights. I mean, I’m leg-pressing 400–500 pounds. That’s bodybuilding.

Which fitness accomplishments most stand out for you?

I do TRX  and use my own body weight—so I’m just proud that I can lift my own body weight. And the way I do pole fitness now is extreme acrobatics—it’s on a whole different level out here in Vegas. You go up 12 feet in the air, hit a split or a pose, and hold it. That’s some serious business. It’s intense!

Do you really do squats in stilettos?

Yes, but I don’t bring them to the public gym. I have a private gym in my building in New Jersey, so what I do is basically exhaust my muscles in tennis shoes, then put on some little stripper shoes I’ve brought and work a different muscle in the leg. I do it to trick the body—that’s one of my moves.

Do blondes really have more fun?

People don’t realize it, but my natural hair color is actually brown. But I feel the same whether I’m a brunette or blonde.

Do you have any advice for guys who want to land a girl like you?

Don’t be cocky! When you have that “I’m the sh*t” attitude, there’s no way you’ll get a girl like me. Girls like me look for that cool guy who can make us laugh.

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