January 23rd, 2008

Hidetada Yamagishi made his second appearance at the LAX Airport Superior Court in Los Angeles today. Yamagishi was scheduled to appear this morning, but apparently missed the bus to the Superior Court from the North County Correctional Facility where he is being held. His appearance was rescheduled for the afternoon. However, the court-appointed Japanese translator was not at the afternoon session due to another obligation.

Since there was no court-appointed translator on the premises, all parties -- the District Attorney, the defense and the presiding Judge -- agreed to reconvene for a prelimary hearing on February 6. Apparently the defense is still waiting for some expert testimony to review before giving to the District Attorney. Hide entered the court room, handcuffed and wearing a standard green prison-issued uniform, after all parties agreed to the Feb. 6 date. The judge said hello, and asked Yamagishi if he understood English. Yamagishi nodded. The judge then explained the Feb. 6 prelim date. Hide then left the court room. Yamagishi was in the court room for less than a minute.