A Hulking Legacy

At 66 years old, bodybuilding icon Lou Ferrigno is breaking new ground in his career and maximizing his impact.


Lou Ferrigno is at the top of his game. And that’s saying something, considering he starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the legendary 1977 documentary Pumping Iron before landing his hallmark role in The Incredible Hulk shortly thereafter. Most bodybuilders would have peaked in their 20s with that résumé—and let’s be honest, some Pumping Iron cast members certainly did. Not Ferrigno.

Since the Hulk series went off the air 35 years ago, Ferrigno has had more than 40 other movie and TV credits to his name, not to mention dozens of magazine covers. But his recent work is arguably his most notable—and it has landed him on yet another cover.

Weeks before this issue went to press, news broke that President Trump had appointed Ferrigno as the head of the prestigious President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. Arnold Schwarzenegger famously had a similar position under President George Bush in the 1980s.

If the appointment goes through, Ferrigno will be as busy as ever. He already spearheads the annual Ferrigno Legacy in Palm Springs, CA—a weekend-long event, that features physique and strength competitions, a host of other sporting events, and a new fitness expo.

With these two endeavors, Ferrigno has saved potentially his most important work for late in his career. In an exclusive interview with FLEX, the former Hulk and bodybuilding icon discussed the council appointment and his fast- growing Legacy event, among other topics.

We have a feeling this won’t be Lou Ferrigno’s last magazine cover.


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