Is ISIS Responsible For Deadly Orlando Massacre?

Read the shocking responses to the mass shooting.

Is ISIS Responsible For Deadly Orlando Massacre?

As authorities continue to investigate the mass shooting that left 50 people dead at a gay club in Orlando, new tweets from ISIS sympathizers have many questioning the role the terrorist organization may have played in the attack.

While ISIS has yet to put out an official statement claiming responsibility for the June 12th shooting, sympathizers have begun tweeting anti-LBGT sentiments since the attack.

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In the past, ISIS supporters have used the hashtag #ParisIsBurning and #BrusselsIsBurning to show support for the organization’s acts of terror. Now, they have begun using the hashtag #OrlandoIsBurning, although it remains unclear if ISIS actually took part in the planning of the massacre.

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As Radar reported, the shooting was carried out by 29-year-old Florida resident Omar Mateen. Although authorities have stated that there are suggestions that Mateen may have ties to Islamic extremist group’s the gunman’s father insists that the shooting had nothing to do with religion.

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