Jr Nationals Women Prejudging Assessment

with 40 bikini women in Class C alone, it's an indicator on how popular the Jr National Championships is for many NPC amateur competitors


The Friday Women extravaganza pre-judging went really well and without a hitch. We started at 2pm and were done before 10pm.--> Link to Contest Galleries

Women Bodybuilding

Starting with women bodybuilding, there were only four competitors. One in the light heavyweight class and three in the super heavyweight class.


Fitness Division

The Fitness division also didn't require callouts. The low turnout guaranteed a quick turnaround and no need for separate callouts.


Figure Division

Moving on to the Figure Class, we have the following callouts:Figure A 1st Callout Milva Galati, Jacqueline Thomas, Andrea Calhoun, Rina PatelFigure B 1st Callout Tarah Mitchell, Arista Jackson, Irina Kiselev, Kaelin Tuell, Brittany Ramsey, Trisha FleischerFigure C 1st Callout Tiffany Garrett, Jennifer Cordovez, Christina Watson, Katherine Lane, Jennifer Brown, Lauren WilliamsFigure D 1st Callout Michele Horan, Alicia Coates, Carla Araujo, Rocio Ruiz, Ryan Behr, Taniqua MedinaFigure E 1st Callout Kaylee Flanagan, Vera Mallett, Alissa Parker, Tiffany Gaston, Annette Mendez, Angelina MasinoFigure F 1st Callout Roshonda Schmitt, Jackie Faine, Alexandria Berriman, Rebecca Mitchell, Kimbelry Dickson


Physique Division

As for the Physique Division, each competition seems to add more and more competitors. The physique callouts are as follows:Women's Physique A 1st Callout: There was no callout. All nine ladies were brought out and compared simultaneously.Women's Physique B 1st Callout Shannan Roskam, Amanda Zawojsky, Angela Morel, Heather Mell, Stephanie WillesWomen's Physique Class C 1st Callout Jessica Bowman, Joni Neilson, Jennifer Underwood-Kallas, Krysta Enchill, Shawna Doty


Bikini Division

The Bikini Division was not only the largest division, the Bikini Class C had 40 competitors. The largest class in the entire competition.Bikini A 1st Callout Elle DeLallo, Annie Parker, Yasmin Ali, Caryn Paolini, Ashriel OsgoodBikini B 1st Callout Nissan Weaver, Sana Shah, Lisa Schimkat, Susan WatersBikini C 1st Callout Collette Barbera, Angelica Gonzalez, Antanique Landry, Yarisha, Ayala, Angeles BurkeBikini D 1st Callout Lauren Gregory, Liana Hamilton, Trista Anderson, Stephanie Mahoe, Ashley KurtenbachBikini E 1st Callout Jennifer Menezes, Iryna Chemerynskyy, Chaundra Bagwell, Amber Orton, Whitney Wiser, Angela OkonBikini F 1st Callout Allyson Cook, Carianne Boos, Alexis Nicole Jones, Leilani Hartley

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