Juan Morel Sitting at 280lbs for the New York Pro

Getting bigger and stronger, Juan Morel is preparing for the New York Pro and looking for another win


IFBB Pro Juan Morel is getting ready for the 2013 New York Pro. Morel won the 2012 IFBB Europa Battle Of Champions, but opted out of the 2012 Mr Olympia to allow for more growth into the 2013 bodybuilding season.

So, the 2013 bodybuilding season is here. Morel is training hard for the contest this May but he's going to have to compete against Victor Martinez and a crop of other serious contenders.

Quote from Morel's FaceBook Page"

280 pounds I'm ready to rock and roll 2013 New York Pro and Flex pro here I come!!

Juan Morel at 280lbs getting ready for the New York Pro" src="" width="600" /