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Physique Pro Mark Anthony Moving On Up with an AllMax Nutrition Two Year Deal as he prepares for the first Physique at the Olympia


Per Bernal

For Immediate Release: ALLMAX Nutrition Inked a Two-Year Deal with Mark Anthony Wingson

Mark has turned IFBB Pro and completely dominated THREE Pro Shows in a row making him a true superstar of the Men’s Physique category and has captured the attention of the entire industry. This domination of a very tough category has not come without a price. Mark has spent years in the gym honing his physique to the chiseled 5’10 200 lbs. he is today.

Winning an absolutely unprecedented 3 IFBB Pro Shows in a row signifies that Mark Anthony has set the bar for what the IFBB Pro Shows are looking for in a champion.  ALLMAX Nutrition has been on growth spurt of its own. Having surged in popularity under its flagship products like ISOFLEX, VITASTACK and MUSCLEPRIME, ALLMAX has become the go-to premium supplement choice of Top Coaches, Trainers, NPC and Pro Athletes. Bringing an ideal combination of Science, Production know-how and “in the trenches” research, ALLMAX has produced the kinds of supplements that consistently and reliably gets the kind of results championship physiques demand. 

Per Bernal

Mark Anthony Wingson was and ideal choice for ALLMAX. We feel that he embodies the kind of hard-earned work ethic that builds success. So sought after are his techniques and training regimen that he has produced a team of top competitors called “The New Breed”, who like Mark are tearing up the Men’s Physique category. The New Breed has bred 3 IFBB Pros and boasts 20 carefully select NPC competitors.  Mark Anthony has his eye’s set on the first Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia Championship. We believe in his aspiration – he has what it takes. 

Mark Anthony had this to say:

“I am proud and honored to announce to the fitness world and to our entire industry that I have joined forces with ALLMAX Nutrition. Seeking to be part of a leading brand with impressive engineering & quality products. Building the best brand of myself in the IFBB and amongst the top pioneers in the industry, it was no doubt that I desired to be part of what I felt was the best brand in sport nutrition and overall wellness.  Through my life and career my success has come through passion, perseverance, pride, power and the grace of God. This connection between ALLMAX and myself is the relationship I'm confident that will make me the best Mark Anthony I will be and power me on my pursuit of becoming the first ever IFBB Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia. I'm very grateful and Blessed to be part of the ALLMAX Team and we're ready to show the world what we're about to do. God Bless.”

Marketing Director Jason Bell had this to say about the signing:

“I have been following Mark’s career for a number of years. He has turned pro and rocketed to the top with seemingly effortless ease. But he definitely knows his stuff; he trains like an absolute maniac in the gym and it’s this kind of hardcore dedication that we wanted to tie into. He’s a natural fit for the brand. In building the impressive physique that he has, he has shown what can be done with diet, hard training and supplementation. His knowledge on how to get there will be an inspiration. More than anything, he will be an exceptional fit for Team ALLMAX – everyone on the team is passionate about fitness and the results that passion brings; Mark is no exception.” 

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