MELBOURNE MUSCLEFEST: Dexter wins again !

MELBOURNE MUSCLEFEST: Dexter wins again !

Dexter Jackson once again proved too much for the opposition in winning the Australian Grand Prix. A disappointed Chris Cormier had to settle for 2nd place and failed to win his fourth consecutive title here in Melbourne. Taking 3rd place along with an invite to the 2004 Mr Olympia was Markus Ruhl closely followed by Jaroslav Hovath and King Kamali.

Final Results

1. Dexter Jackson *
2. Chris Cormier *
3. Markus Ruhl *
4. Jaroslav Horvath
5. King Kamali
6. Craig Titus
7. Ronnie Rockel
8. Johnnie Jackson
9. Mike Kypreos
10. Charles Duca
11. Luke Wood
12. Mark Lampard
13. Thomas Stellander
14. Justin Rys
15. Stan McCrary

* Qualifies for the 2004 Mr Olymppia

2004 Australian G.P. Photo Gallery

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