Michael Liberatore on His Prep for 2013 Chicago Pro

We caught up with IFBB Pro Michael Liberatore at the 2013 Jr Nationals and gives us a rundown on what to expect for Chicago.


In the below video clip, Team Flex member Larry Brown connects with Micheal Liberatore for a quick interview. We had expected to see Micheal compete in Brazil and Toronto, but each had their issues as Liberatore expains in the video Below.

Here's some additional questions we threw at IFBB Pro Liberatore

To give you guys a quick update on what’s going on at my end … Training has been going great, and I am definitely noticing improvements. I’m also in the process of bringing one of bodybuilding’s most respected coaches into my corner. I am looking forward to working with this person—and don’t worry, I won’t keep the suspense building too long. Just be sure to watch my column for who it is and for all updates to my game plan for the 2013 season.

QWhat’s the best way to get that full horseshoe look for triceps?

I like to start off with some sort of cable pushdown movement. As far as which handle attachment to use, it varies usually between two or three different ones. I rotate between them to change things up a bit from week to week. Pushdowns allow me to begin light and warm up both the muscles and elbows. After pushdowns, I usually like to hit skull-crushers on a bench, either fl at or slightly declined. Skull-crushers allow me to go heavy but also stay controlled with good form. The last couple of years, I have actually switched to incorporating more single-armed, hammer-gripped skull-crushers. Doing the movement this way prevents any cheating with my dominant triceps and encourages better symmetry, since I’m then isolating each triceps separately.

Then I go to the cables again and do some one-arm triceps pushdowns, but this time with no attachments—just gripping the cable’s rubber ball. To wrap it up, I hit some body-weight dips. The key here is to focus solely on the muscle with quick reps and about a three-quarter extension (not 100% extended, to keep the muscle constantly contracted). The goal is to go to failure and hold that final rep for 20–30 seconds in that same three-quarter position. If you feel as if you could still hit another set after this, then go for it, but chances are your triceps will be pretty fatigued. Remember, there are lots of great triceps movements not mentioned here, but these are the best exercises that I enjoy doing.

Q: What would you pick as your top-three must-have supplements to use on a daily basis?

First, I am excited to be part of the GAT Nutrition Team. Its products make up my arsenal of “must-have” supplements, not only my top three listed here, but also my entire supplement regimen all year long.