El Moussawi fires back at Samuel before the 2009 Ironman Pro

By Dave Lee

January 23, 2009


Things are heating up for the 2009 Ironman Pro, thanks to Moe El Moussawi and Silvio Samuel. El Moussawi wasn't too happy with Samuel's comments, posted right here on flexonline, January 21. Here's what Samuel said that's got El Moussawi steamed.


On Moe El Moussawi - who finished in third, one spot ahead of Silvio at the 2008 Ironman - as a possible threat:
"Moe has never - let me repeat - Moe has never and will never be a threat. He's never beaten me. He was given a gift and we all know that. To be very blunt, I know very few people who are ahead of me in this game. I give respect to them. But the ones that have their Christmas gifts before Christmas comes, I can't see them beating me in any show. When I beat Moe in 2007, I was fourth place and he was 14th and nobody raised a brow. But if anybody places ahead of Silvio, that is big news for everybody to start writing. So that is why I'm really pissed off. At this point, I don't give a damn who's there. So enough is enough."

And El Moussawi's response:

"You don't ask a guy who's already been beaten by someone if that someone is a threat...obviously he is because he's already been beaten by him. I respect Silvio, he's a very nice man and excellent bodybuilder; but not the perfect bodybuilder I would want to look like. He's got a lot of missing or unbalanced bodyparts and he knows it too. He's got the longest torso in the sport and when he turns around there's no muscle on his back."

More Moe...

On being better:
"I have improved over 30% from the Olympia. I'm bigger, better, a lot harder and definitely a better poser than Silvio will ever be."

On being armed and dangerous:
"My arms are bigger than Silvio's legs. He's got no biceps. When he does a front double biceps, they go flat."

On taking it to Silvio:
"I cannot guarantee if Silvio will come in great shape, I can only guarantee myself. With that, I'm very confident of the outcome. I will answer you Silvio on the day of the show."

We'll see who has the last word when the two meet onstage this Saturday, January 24, 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 20th anniversary edition of the Ironman Pro Championships. See you there!