Mr Olympia Phil Heath Shoulders at Exercise Warehouse

Phil Heath demonstrates his unique shoulder workout and talks about his upcoming contests.


Team Flex caught up with two-time Mr Olympia Phil Heath as he cranks out a delt workout at the hardcore Exercise Warehouse Gym in Pittsburgh, PA. Mr Olympia has been on a whirlwind tour starting with his inaugural Phil Heath Classic held in Houston, TX. From Houston, Heath went to guest pose at the 2013 NPC Natural Ohio then went on to Germany to attend the 2013 FIBO. After FIBO, Heath returned to Colorado for one day then went to Sydney, Australia to attend the 2013 FILEX then again came home for one day, and then went on to Slovakia with Mr Olympia 212 Showdown Flex Lewis to guest pose at the 2013 Mozolani Classic.

Now back in stateside, Mr Olympia Phil Heath was able to get a long needed intense workout hitting dumbbell presses, side laterals, rear delts followed by shrugs.

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