The New Guard: Hunter Labrada and Sergio Oliva Jr.

The sons of Lee Labrada and Sergio Oliva follow in their fathers’ footsteps while charting their own bodybuilding glory.


LEE: I’m proud of both these young men. They met and got along like peanut butter and jelly from the beginning. Like a couple of brothers. Sergio Jr. is just a great guy. When they get together to train, man, those weights just fly. I feel like the torch is being passed on to the next generation. I’m very excited.

Hunter, when will we see you onstage?

HUNTER: God willing, I’ll be completing my degree in economics from Texas A&M University and graduating in December, so Dad and I are pretty set that next year will be my first contest. It will be a local or state-level NPC show. I’m not thinking past that yet. I know what level I want to do it at, but until I get there I’m putting in the work. Maybe I can add that one of the most profound things Shawn Rhoden has said to me is, “Enjoy your journey, because once you’re a pro there’s expectations, there’s contracts, you lose your money if you don’t do well.” He said, “It’s stressful, it becomes your job.” Enjoy your journey to becoming a pro, he told me, and I thought that was pretty cool. My dad’s always said that too, enjoy the ride.

Lee, looking back, if you will, what did you consider your best form?

LEE: The ’89 and ’92 Olympias were two of my best. I’d go back even further, to ’85 when I won the IFBB Mr. Universe. I won it with a perfect score. Many of the judges said if they had an overall I would have been the overall winner [there were only class at the time]. FLEX