New Trailer for 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

Warner Bros. gives us a look at the much anticipated superhero showdown.


<iframe width="1090" height="614" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><p>Batman and <a href=" target="_blank">Superman</a> at war with one another? Could it be? From the looks of this trailer from the upcoming flick, it appears there's some bad blood brewing between the crime-fighting titans.</p><p>While there's much more to unfold, one thing is clear -- there's not much love lost among the two in this intense teaser. Rather than rush to his rescue, it appears Superman has some serious issues with a chained-up Batman, and is not all that eager to help an evil-battling, brother out. What could have caused such a rift and where will it all lead?</p><p>&nbsp;<strong>SEE ALSO:</strong> <a href=" target="_blank">Man of Steel: How Henry Cavill Got Superhero-Shredded&gt;&gt;&gt;</a></p><p>Once again, <a href=" target="_blank">Henry Cavill</a> will be playing the role of Superman, while <a href=" target="_blank">Ben Affleck will be stepping into the batsuit</a> for the first time. Set for release March 25, 2016, this is one epic superhero showdown you won't want to miss.</p>

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