New York Pro 212 PreJudging Assessment

Sami and Jose will be your 1st and 2nd place 212 winners

New York Pro 212 PreJudging Assessment

Men's 212 Top 6 Pre Judging Assessment
By Dennis James

#21 Sami Al Haddad
Much bigger than last year. Slightly off from last year's conditioning but a better overall package. He will be hard to beat.

#24 Allan Auguste
Beautiful symmetry. Nice conditioning. His glutes and hamstrings are tight! Looks good!

Aaron Clark
He looks nice and thick. His skin is paper-thin and his color is good. His glutes are striated. He's really "on". He was supposed to be in the Open class but came in lighter than expected. Looks really good.

#32 Mark Dugdale
Great color. Haven't seen him compete in a little while and he's holding a little water, although he's getting drier as he poses. Great overall balance, no "missing" body parts. He just needs to come in more shredded and he could be really dangerous at a lot of shows.

#39 Jose Raymond
He is full as a house! He didn't originally plan to do this show, he was just going to do Toronto next week and was added to this lineup at the last minute. He has a slight film of water but his conditioning should be on point next week. Good glutes. He's not 100% but this is a good Jose Raymond.

#40 Marco Rivera
He's a local boy. Great color, not 100%. He's holding a film of water and is about 25% off from his best. He may be over-dieted from competing recently and his his body may not be responding the way it usually does. He should still make top 5.

Sami & Jose sent back. They will be your 1st and 2nd place 212 winners.

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