Old-School Bodybuilder Turns 99 this Year

Joseph Maschio continues to go strong well into his golden years.

Old-School Bodybuilder Turns 99 this Year

It's not often that we get to share stories of bodybuilders who are nearing their 99th birthday, so when Joseph Maschio's grandson reached out to us with his grandfather's story we jumped at the chance to share it with our readers. 

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Born in 1918, and raised in Brooklyn New York, Joseph Maschio was a dedicated weightlifter at an early age. As you'll see from these classic photographs, Joseph built quite an impressive physique way back in the day (check out the car in the background of photo above), which earned him top honors in a variety of competitions. In 1944 he was named Mr. Brooklyn and won Best Arms and Best Back during that same year. The avid lifter even recalls being sponsored by none other than Joe Weider during his prominence in the sport of bodybuilding. Even during his duties in the military at the onset of WWII, Maschio found the means to maintain his chiseled physique. 

As the years passed Joseph continued to engage in his passion for bodybuilding and staying fit; never using age as an excuse to call it quits in the gym. 

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Today, Joseph is going strong with his amazing wife Theresa who is 96. Together the couple forged an 80-year union that has seen many changes throughout their life together, but what's never changed is their love for each other and their family. Here they are with their grandchildren.  

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