Phil Heath Parts Ways with Gifted Nutrition

Phil Heath explains the end of his association with Gifted Nutrition in this exclusive FLEX interview.

Phil Heath Parts Ways with Gifted Nutrition

You’ve talked a lot about the quality of GN products, and GN used your name/likeness to generate sales. By resigning, are you suggesting that either the products or the company were not up to your standards?

The products, in my opinion, were great! I took those products religiously. Honestly, I felt they worked so well that I wanted to endorse them. I believe that Gifted was putting out high-quality products. I loved all but a couple of them, not because they didn’t work, but because of the timing of their release dates and names. Using my likeness helped generate sales, but I believed in what I was promoting.

Will GN products still be available?

As far as I know, Gifted Nutrition products are still currently available. 

What about your clothing line, Gifted Athletics?

The two companies are not affiliated. I still operate Gifted Athletics and continue moving forward with creating new product for this year.

Do you think this will hurt your image?

I hope that people will understand why I departed. I’ve already spoken with many clients who gave GN their business based solely upon my involvement, because I care about their well-being. I have always had a great reputation with people in the supplement industry and that will not change. As for fans—well, anyone who follows me knows that I went all-out for GN, and I think they’ll be shocked to learn that I didn’t profit at all. I conducted myself honorably. All in all, I left what had become a very negative situation for me, and regardless whether someone is a fan of mine or not, they should understand that this was the best route for me. 

What are your future business plans in the industry?

My future consists of speaking with various companies within the industry, having important and fully transparent conversations, and signing with a new company. I have no legal restrictions whatsoever on doing business with anyone else in the industry or endorsing similar products. I will continue to travel to various events, participate in the same fashion as I have in the past with my Gifted Athletics clothing line, do training demos and seminars, and of course, prioritize my participation in the Olympia to bring home as many titles as possible! –