Rhoden Inks Deal With Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

This monumental signing is a perfect fit for both Ronnie Coleman Signature Series™ and Shawn Rhoden as both have taken the bodybuilding & supplement industry by storm in 2012.

Rhoden Inks Deal With Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Well, it's official. 8X Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman takes yet another giant leap in the supplement industry by signing bodybuilding's newest superstar, Shawn Rhoden, as the very first athlete for his supplement company.

This monumental signing is a perfect fit for both Ronnie Coleman Signature Series™ and Shawn Rhoden as both have taken the bodybuilding & supplement industry by storm in 2012.

The signing comes as a huge shocker, even for Ronnie himself. Ronnie readily admits he didn't plan on signing an athlete in 2012. "Neither of us expected this to happen really, it kind of came out of nowhere, but this was an opportunity for both Shawn and Ronnie Coleman Signature Series™ to be a part of something special. We both decided we couldn't walk away until we figured something out."

Shawn's recent success has garnished the attention of the largest supplement companies in the industry. Signing with Ronnie Coleman Signature Series™ is a stunning surprise that will have many wondering, why?

"I chose Ronnie Coleman Signature Series™ first and foremost because I am a huge fan of Ronnie. He is a legend with so many achievements and the way he has handled those achievements is impressive. I've seen his company grow overnight and I know how hard he works. They might not be the biggest company that approached me but they certainly are the best in my opinion in every aspect. They have a great staff, great marketing and most importantly great products. Plus, I could tell how much passion Ronnie and his team had for what they do and how much fun they had doing it which is really important to me. They made me feel like I would be a part of the company rather than just an athlete. I couldn't ignore the positive buzz from around the world either. To be selected as the first RCSS athlete is one of the biggest achievements and accomplishments of my life."

But, why sign an athlete when you are the 8x Mr. O? Many wonder if this announcement is Ronnie finally giving into to retirement or if a comeback is still on the horizon… but the champ has another take on it:

"Shawn has done some amazing things this year and my experience tells me this is just the beginning. Ronnie Coleman Signature Series™ is about more than just me, it's a company that's committed to excellence in the bodybuilding, fitness, and supplement community. Bodybuilding has always been my passion, my hobby, and I will never stop living that lifestyle. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to help Shawn grow into the best bodybuilder in the world. It's going to be fun"-says Ronnie.

Ok, that makes sense but does that mean that you are ready to utter the word "retirement?"

"The last few years have been tough on me injury wise. What a lot of people don't know is that I've made several attempts at a comeback but I kept getting injured and had multiple surgeries. I'm not ruling out competing again but I'm focused on growing my business now. Signing Shawn is about the future. I'd love to make it back on stage but comebacks are totally played out these days! We will see what happens." Mr. Coleman remarked with a slight grin. "It would be pretty cool to see both of us on stage though…"

This is a raw opportunity that gives Ronnie a chance to give back to bodybuilding the way that only a true legend is capable of…Through knowledge and mentorship of an up and coming star. Ronnie plans on helping to develop not only Shawn's physique but his career from the inside out.

"To have Ronnie believe in me enough to make me a part of his team is a dream come true in itself. Anyone that knows me knows the level of belief I have in myself and in achieving my dreams. It's hard to describe it but Ronnie gets it. He understands it and he embraces it. Plus, who wouldn't want the greatest of all time in their sport to mentor them!?"

Matching the magical year that Ronnie's company has had, Rhoden is coming off one of the hottest winning streaks in recent times with wins at both the Europa and Tampa pro and then moving on to take 3rd place at the 2012 Olympia. Now he is fresh off of his victory at the 2nd Annual Arnold Classic Europe with the British and Prague Pro still to come. With three victories alone in 2012 Shawn has solidified himself as a contender in 2013. Add the possibility of two more victories in 2012 and he becomes the next true legitimate threat. "Life and success is all about momentum and attitude. Shawn and Ronnie Coleman Signature Series™ look forward to celebrating together at the top in 2013. The time is now and we won't be stopped." Says Big Ron emphatically.

In less than a year Ronnie Coleman Signature Series has exploded globally and is now available in over 95 countries. A feat that no other supplement company has accomplished in such a short time but Ronnie's all about breaking records. In addition, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series™ just celebrated their US launch by showcasing their custom 45 foot "Mobile Kingdom", as King Coleman calls it, at this year's Olympia. Ronnie is currently touring the country in this aptly named "Mobile Kingdom" visiting over 100 GNC stores in 40 cities.

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