Roelly Winklaar's Road to Recovery

Roelly Winklaar updates FLEXOnline on his training and recovery progress.

Roelly Winklaar's Road to Recovery

<a class="replaced_athlete_name" href="">Ro... Winklaar</a> may have had to take a break from competing after his accident, but that doesn't mean he's not working hard behind the scenes during his recovery.

Roelly sent pictures to of him helping his cousin, Gerrit Baars, with his first amateur competition - the JBC Cup in the Netherlands. Gerrit won his class (70kg) and placed 2nd in the Overall pose down. Roelly's cousin Gerrit Baars is member of "Team Winklaar" and is already getting ready doing his second competition in just three weeks.

Roelly himself is back to training like a beast so he can hit the bodybuilding stage once again, and be better than ever! Check out his training video and see for yourself!