Russian Oak: Young Bodybuilder Looks Just Like Arnold

Anton Ryskin, 22, is the closest thing to an Arnold Schwarzenegger clone we've ever seen.

Russian Oak: Young Bodybuilder Looks Just Like Arnold

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most famous bodybuilder of all time ... period. His influence within the fitness world is nothing short of legendary and, as a result, he has his fair share of weightlifting, cigar-smoking, choppa-speaking imitators. That said, Russian bodybuilder Anton Ryskin stands out from the crowd.

He doesn't quite have full-grown Arnold's massive size (we'll leave those physique comparisons to Brett Azar and Calum Von Moger), but hey, he's still in his early 20s! There's no denying Ryskin's classic build, posing style and, well, his face. He even shipped in a Gold's Gym tank to help him recreate The Oak's classic look. Here's a few shots from the Russian Oak's Instagram account. 

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