Shawn Rhoden on His European Tour

Yeeesssssssir, we did it again! One more tour in the books. We hit the road running. This was no easy task but life as a pro is not all about getting on stage and flexing.

Shawn Rhoden on His European Tour

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yeeesssssssir, we did it again! One more tour in the books. We hit the road running. My tour started a few days before Big Ron and the RCSS family of white Sean (I’m black Shawn) and Boss / Abercrombie model Brendan .  I started in Denmark guest posing at the Loaded cup with Hide and Dana Linn Bailey. 2 days of posing and a seminar with some awesome fans. Weather was freezing from day one but kept on moving. Next leg of the tour for me was hopping on a flight to Amsterdam - land of the Red Light District, where you can smoke weed in a store but not cigarettes (not my cup of tea) I pass on all. When I landed in Amsterdam temperature was -1 degree. Forgot my damn winter jacket in the states. 3 days of visiting Vitamins and More nutrition stores and signing autographs in the cold.  This was no easy task but life as a pro is not all about getting on stage and flexing.

Was up at crack of dawn when my car came to pick me up at 4am to drive me to meet up with the Big Nasty. Three hours later I met up with the gang and I am telling you it was freaking freezing at the border or Amsterdam and Germany 0 degree. Yeah buddy. I Am saying this the best way I can describe this, Ronnie is THE KING wherever he goes. People line up by the thousands to see the king. Sometimes there were no lines at all, just people hovering over us at the stores. We hit two stores a day. Sometimes 2hrs apart. It was great to see the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series products on shelves and people lining up to purchase and get an autograph. Side note, you want your products to sell and build trust with the customer have 2 athletes like the King and myself in your store. If you have us they will come and they will buy. We hit the road and worked our way from the border of Amsterdam to Cologne. We saw it all…people doing anything to keep us in their store. At one stop as we were leaving out the door we were asked to sign about 50 t-shirts. (which of course we did) We had a signing in a room the size of Derek’s desk with a tv station and 4 camera guys.  Our up and coming competitor/Boss/Abercrombie model Brendan had to tell them we needed to hit the road.

Courtesy WWE

One spot we had a live DJ in a building that still had Christmas, Halloween and Easter deco still up ( we found a few playing cards from 1932). This was the best stop for sure.  We had an older photographer go on the floor over the wall… every single angle trying to take pictures.  This guy was hardcore! My fav was the fat guy with the biggest mouth that wouldn’t shut the hell up!  He had his tv mic in our face every sec he got.  Every time someone wanted to take a picture his hand with the mic was in the shot and the best was between him and the camera guy instead of interviewing us they were interviewing themselves the whole time.

Courtesy WWE

We would go to dinner or lunch and ended up staying and extra hour ..., they love Ronnie .. We had a car show at one stop they made the mistake of letting Big Ron rev the engine.  Brendan and I thought the engine was going to blow! I though the car was going to take off. A few stops later we couldn't even get these guys to make a line. Everyone wanted to get their pictures taken first. What am trying to say is…We had a f@#king blast! Let’s do it again.

Courtesy WWE

Oh and we need to please print more autograph cards because we ran out!

We were hitting the gym every night. Sometimes at 9pm sometimes at midnight. We fit it in wherever we were.  Special Thanks to McFit.  For a week and a half that was our home base gym all over Germany. 

Can't wait to tell you guys about FIBO next.