Silvio Samuel squashes retirement rumors

March 13, 2009


He's preparing to do battle at the Australian Grand Prix, but Silvio Samuel has America on his mind - specifically Columbus, Ohio, and comments which were attributed to him immediately following the Arnold Classic last Saturday.

We got a call from Silvio a few hours ago and he asked to go on record regarding comments he reportedly made after finishing fifth in Columbus, comments which he allegedly announced he was contemplating retiring from bodybuilding and moving back to Spain.

"To be very honest to you, sir, I have not had any discussion of any type or topic of such with anybody ... specifically not with Shawn Ray, who I have issues with since after the Olympia. So we have had no discussions of any kind.

"I am going to Spain after Australia to extend my visa and come back to the United States. I have a passion for this sport, since before I was even making money from it, and have every intention of continuing to improve."

Samuel also addressed his on-stage reaction after his fifth-place finish was announced.

"It was personal, I was disappointed," Samuel said. "I felt I brought something to beat the big boys. But that was not to disrespect the judges or my fellow competitors. I want to apologize to the federation and officials and let everyone know that was not out of disrespect. The emotional act of the last Arnold Classic is of past issue, and will never repeat itself in any further events in future."