February 1, 2008

The biggest Sunday of the NFL season is here in just a couple days, and everybody seems to have an opinion on who’s going to win Super Bowl XLII. We caught up with some of the biggest names in the bodybuilding biz to get their predictions on who’s coming out on top between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants on Sunday. Here’s what they had to say.

PHIL HEATH – IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
SCORE: Patriots 41, Giants 23
BREAKDOWN: Eli Manning is going to have a tough time being as consistent as he has been in the playoffs against a Patriots defense that has had two weeks to prepare for this game. Rodney Harrison is definitely gonna lay the smack down on Eli at least once. Brady is gonna have hard time too because of Umenyiora and Strahan, but I don’t see him throwing any picks. Jacobs could be the X-factor because they can pound it with him. He’s so huge that he literally runs people over. But he’s a north-south runner, he doesn’t go outside. So with Bruschi and Seau in there I don’t see him having that big of a night. Welker and Asante Samuel are X factors for the Patriots.

MVP: I want to say Randy Moss, but it’ll go to Brady.

TONEY FREEMAN – IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
SCORE: Giants 35, Patriots 31
BREAKDOWN: It all comes down to the running game because the passing game is pretty even, and the Giants have the better running game. I think the Giants front line is a little better too. Brandon Jacobs is going to have a great game. He’ll get 140 or maybe 150 yards. If they’re smart they’ll let him run the ball because nobody wants to tackle him.
MVP: Brandon Jacobs

SCORE: Patriots 31, Giants 21
BREAKDOWN: While Eli Manning will try to pull it out and the Giants defense will hit Brady hard, in the end the Pats will pull this one out. Tom Brady is an unbelievable quarterback and will likely play a huge role in the win this weekend.
MVP: Tom Brady

DENNIS JAMES – IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
SCORE: Giants 30, Patriots 27
BREAKDOWN: Eli Manning will come out of his brother's shadow and lead the Giants on a 80-yard, game-winning drive with less than 2 minutes to play. With very little time remaining , Lawrence Tynes will come in and kick the game winning field goal!! That is my dream senario!!!!!!
MVP: Eli Manning

RONNIE COLEMAN – 8x Mr. Olympia
SCORE: Patriots 44, Giants 30

BREAKDOWN: Every time a defense shuts someone down, Brady finds a way to get someone else the ball. After they’ve double-teamed Randy Moss, that’s gonna automatically leave someone open whether it be Welker, Faulk, or any other receiver or tight end. So its an easy decision to come too.
MVP: Tom Brady

SCORE: Patriots 37, Giants 23
BREAKDOWN: I think Tom Brady is cute so I will be pulling for the Patriots.
MVP: Tom Brady

CHRIS CORMIER – IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
SCORE: Patriots 38, Giants 27
BREAKDOWN: I would like to see the NFC East win, but I don’t see that happening. The Patriots are going to have all systems go, they’re going to be going for blood in this one. They got those X-Factors that are tough to deal with, like Wes Welker. Then you have Faulk coming out of the backfield. It’s hard to stop that dude. The Patriots have way too many weapons.
MVP: Tom Brady

SCORE: Patriots 31, Giants 28
BREAKDOWN: Strahan and Umenyiora come up big for the Giants!! Eli plays well but not well enough... and the victory goes to the consistent Patriots who receive a large contribution from Lawrence Maroney and steady play from the rest of the team!!

MVP: Lawrence Maroney

PETER PUTNAM – NPC Bodybuilder
SCORE: Patriots, 35, Giants 10
BREAKDOWN: The Patriots are truly that good. They are the ultimate team. You have the Brady-Moss-Welker trifecta – but then against the Chargers the running backs pick it up and carry the team. There are that many stars on the team, they’re not weak at any position.
MVP: Tom Brady

BRANDY LEAVER -– FLEX Bikini Model Search Winner
SCORE: Patriots 32, Giants 24
BREAKDOWN: I don't think the Pats will underestimate the Giants, not a chance with an all time record on their hands, and they've got the time to prep for it. I'm competitive and I'm all for breaking records! The Patriots spell out greatness to me! Aside from great players, coach Bellicheck knows his stuff, and he's been given plenty of time to get a complex game plan together AND he's got great, seasoned players that know how to put his plan into action. Go PATS!
MVP: Randy Moss