Will Harris doesn't hold back heading into the Europa Super Show

by Allan Donnelly

August 12, 2008


Will Harris stopped by the Weider Offices today and, as usual, Big Will wasn't holding back about his expectations heading into this weekend's Europa Super Show on Friday, August 15 and Saturday, August 16.. Never one to back down from a prediction, Harris is looking to rebound from his 11th-place finish at the Ironman Pro to start the season in the place where he almost notched the first win of his career a year ago - Dallas, Texas.

Below are some pictures of Harris from his visit. Harris is weighing 273 pounds in these shots.

Some of the more memorable quotes from today's Will Harris Experience:

WILL ON THE IRONMAN: "At the Ironman I just had to get my guest posing straight. Each first show I show up like a guest posing. At the Ironman it was a menagerie of things that went wrong. There will be no such problems this time. Just another guest posing came and gone. Kind of like Colorado the year before. I only get better as time goes on. If they know Big Will, everybody knows the first time is ehhh ... and the second and third time is strikes. And pins will fall."

WILL ON WILL: "I'm feeling huge and unstoppable. I'm gonna finish what I started in Texas."

WILL ON WILL PART II: "I don't think anybody has gained what I have the past few years the way I have. From my breakout year at the Atlantic city until now has been quite a change and this year I put on in all the right places, without gaining - most of these guys gain in the gut, I don't - it's been a good 10 pounds of muscle. And unlike most, there's no additives."

WILL ON WILL PART III: "I was 254 pounds last year. I'll be 264 this year. Right now, I'm 273 on five days of no carbs. And big and full and shredded. It's scary. It's even to the point where it's almost freaking me out."

WILL ON Dennis James AND Toney Freeman: "They never bother me. They didn't bother me at the Olympia, they didn't bother me prior to that. They're just names as far as I'm concerned. There's no X Factor besides me. I don't have a torn pec, I don't have a gut. Nothing against those guys but you know - X Factor should have been my name. But I already have one - Big Will."

WILL'S PREDICTION: "I'm not really worried about second or third. First will be mine."