2013 Toronto Pro 212 Overall Awards

  • 2013 Toronto Pro Figure Award Presentations Congratulations to Ann Titone for taking the 2013 Toronto Pro Figure. In this video, we have the final call-out and awards where Swann Cardot takes 2nd and Natalie Waples takes 3rd.
  • IFBB Toronto Pro Competition 2013 Highlights IFBB Toronto Pro Competition 2013 Highlights Here's a kick ass review of the 2013 Toronto Pro Supershow weekend of events. Filmed and edited by Jonathan Yapp.
  • 2013 Toronto Pro Men First Call Out Here in Toronto, when the professional bodybuilders are compared, they are first evaluated individually, then brought out in groups of ten or so. After that, the judges call for the first round of comparisons which indicate 1st through 5th

The awards go to the top 3 finishers here at the 2013 Toronto Pro for the Mens bodybuilding division 212 and Under Class. Congratulations to Jose Raymond for winning his second contest in a row!