Juan Morel 6 Weeks from 2013 NY Pro

  • Juan Morel and Kevin English Killer Arm Workout Juan Morel and Kevin English takes us through an intense arm workout in this training video. High intensity and focus is the key to gaining huge arms. It helps if you eat right as well as train right.
  • Keith Williams Arm Workout for NY Pro with Mike Gritti Holding nothing back for the 2013 New York Pro, IFBB Pro Keith Williams has changed his workout, training partner and trainer in order to find that right combination for a physique that will do damage on the stage.
  • Branden Ray's Last Workout for the 2013 New York Pro By far the toughest contest year to date, IFBB pro Branden Ray is preparing to head into battle with some of the top bodybuilders in the world. traveling back to his home town, New York, Branden will be competing for a coveted Olympia Qualification

Video composite of IFBB Pro Juan Morel posing 6 weeks out and compared to 2012 New York Pro showing