Virtual Posedown: Fox vs. Winklaar

A duel between the thickest physiques of different eras.

Virtual Posedown: Fox vs. Winklaar

They both returned to the islands where they were born 26 years and 540 miles apart. Bertil Fox is a native of St. Kitts in the West Indies (he is currently imprisoned there for murder), while Roelly Winklaar lives on Curaçao, off the coast of Venezuela. They share more than Caribbean homes, however. Both have the densest physiques of their respective eras and have similar strong points and weaknesses.

Fox dominated European bodybuilding in the late ’70s, and he was celebrated for his especially gargantuan biceps, traps, and pecs. His most muscular and side chest poses were showstoppers. The man from St. Kitts never won an IFBB pro show, but in 1983 he was fifth in the Mr. Olympia and beat Lee Haney in another contest. (Only three others ever defeated the eight-time Mr. O on a pro stage.) His inconsistent conditioning and lack of back width kept him from IFBB victories. Those same weaknesses dog Winklaar, whose highest Olympia placing is seventh (2013) despite sporting arguably the fullest arms and delts of all time. Today, the man from Curaçao is nearly unbeatable in the side shots, just as Fox was more than three decades ago. If only side thickness were judged, both Caribbeans would have Sandow collections.


STRENGTHS: Arms, traps, pecs, delts

WEAKNESSES: Thigh sweep, back width

BEST POSE: Side chest

WORST POSE: Rear lat spread


STRENGTHS: Arms, delts, quads

WEAKNESSES: Back width, abs

BEST POSE: Side triceps

WORST POSE: Rear lat spread


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