Women Bikini Photos, Comparisons and Awards

Women Bikini Photos, Comparisons and Awards

Bikini first call out included 6 lovely ladies.  After moving the lineup around a little and a walk to the curtain and back, the callout ended with Ashley Kaltwasser and Jennifer Dawn in the center spots.  Gigi Amurao and Nathalie Mur were were to their right and left, followed by Amanda Sexsmith on the far right and Jessica Renee on the far left.

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Bikini First Call Out:
#112 Gigi Amurao
#118 Jennifer Dawn
#120 Ashley Kaltwasser
#123 Nathalie Mur
#124 Jessica Renee
#125 Amanda Sexsmith

Bikini Final Awards:
3rd – Gigi Amurao
2nd – Jennifer Dawn
1st  - Ashley Kaltwasser – After two 2nd place finished in the past month, Kaltwasser got the 1st place title she was looking for tonight, so we will see her on the Olympia stage in September.