Women Physique Photos, Comparisons and Awards

2013 Toronto Pro Women Physique Photos, comparisons and callouts

Women Physique Photos, Comparisons and Awards

The 2013 Toronto Pro is host to a multitude of IFBB Pro Divisions. In this case, the Women Physique came out with the intent of setting an example - fit, dialed in and ready to rock.

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The first call out for Women's Physique also included 6 buff beauties and a huge cheering section in the audience.  In the center 2 spots was Toni West and CeaAnna Kerr.  Toni was sent back in line, followed by CeaAnna, leaving 4 ladies, Mindi O'Brien, Kim Tilden, Nathalie Falk, and Jill Rudison, to battle it out for the 3 spots rounding out top 5.

Women's Physique First Call Out:
#136 Nathalie Falk
#138 CeaAnna Kerr
#142 Mindi O'Brien
#148 Kim Tilden
#149 Toni West
#145 Jill Rudison

Women's Physique Finals:

3rd – Mindi O'Brien
2nd – CeaAnna Kerr
1st  - Toni West – West just came in 3rd place last weekend at the 2013 NY Pro and with tonight's 3rd place win, she is officially Olympia-bound for the first ever Women's Physique Olympia.