National Heroes

The 12 Greatest NPC National Champions of All Time

#12 Cedric McMillan

IFBB contest wins: 3

Number of Mr. Olympia apperances: 0

Highest Mr. Olympia placing: N/A

When unknown Cedric McMillan shocked the bodybuilding world with his win in 2008, there was talk of a Sandow(s) in 
his near future. Five years later, McMillan has yet to enter the Mr. Olympia (all
 indications point to Big Mac being on 
the O stage this year) and his career,
 despite three contest wins, remains a disappointment to those who expect more from the man many have compared to eight-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney. With his combination of eye-popping size, shape, and overall aesthetic qualities that harken back to the classic physiques of both Haney and Arnold Schwarzenegger, 
it will be interesting to see if McMillan, who serves full-time in the Army, will ever fully commit to competitive bodybuilding and realize the potential others see in him. 

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