10 Rules to Eating for Mass

Live by these rules for maximize muscle gains.



In the previous rules, we call for cutting back food intake on rest days. Calories drop by about two to three per pound of bodyweight and carbs are slashed in half. Even protein drops a bit (mostly due to the fact that you’re not drinking a pre- and post-workout shake).

You need to watch calories and carbs on rest days because your body requires less energy when it’s not working. Simple enough. If you ingest the same amount of calories and carbs on rest days as you do on workout days, you run the risk of gaining some fat with that newly developed muscle.

However, increase your fat intake on rest days, so your body doesn’t compensate for a perceived calorie deficit. If you focus on getting extra healthy fats (see rule number 3), you will not only help to keep bodyfat off, but will enhance joint recovery.


When you wake up in the morning, your body is in a catabolic state. In other words, your body is literally eating your muscle protein for fuel. To halt this process you need to eat, ASAP. There’s no time for showering or brushing your teeth. Head straight for the kitchen and don’t even think about eating whole foods — they take too long to digest. You need two things: the fastest-digesting protein and the fastest-digesting carb.

For protein, that means whey protein isolate, or whey protein hydrolysate, which is even faster-digesting than isolate. This will rapidly supply your body protein to use for energy, sparing your muscles from further breakdown. The amino acids from the whey that aren’t used for fuel will get to your muscle fibers and rebuild what was broken down at night, and that will put you in an anabolic state.

For fast-digesting carbs, the answer is waxy maize starch. Research shows that these carbs digest even faster than sugar. Getting carbs into your bloodstream fast is as important as protein for stopping the catabolic onslaught when you wake in the morning. With your liver glycogen totally depleted by your night’s fast, waxy maize starch will rapidly signal your body to stop cannibalizing itself. This is why we suggest you get in a liquid breakfast as soon as you wake, and then 30-60 minutes later, a whole-food meal — your “second” breakfast.


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