7 Heart-Healthy Oils To Supplement Your Diet

The bodybuilder's guide to choosing the perfect bottle of oil.

7 Heart-Healthy Oils To Supplement Your Diet

 6. PAM 

This famed cooking spray has minimal calories for times when you need to go very low fat. Even though it lists 0 calories, it actually has a minuscule 0.266 gram per one-third second of spray time. Original variety has canola oil; olive oil, butter flavor and other variations are available. You can also spray your own oil with a mister.

Uses: For nearly fat-free sautéing and frying. Also to coat baking pans for easy release. Shake can before spraying.

Nutrition: One-third-second spray, 0.266 g, officially no calories or fat.



This Asian standard adds max flavor with few calories. The hot flavor comes from an infusion of ground red chilies. It's strong, so use sparingly. A little goes a long way.

Uses: You can use it for stir-fry and other cooking, or as a condiment to add zip to seafood or other dishes.

Nutrition: 1 teaspoon, 45 calories, 5 g fat.


Vincent H. Steinman (Chef Vinny), a graduate of the Scottsdale (Arizona) Culinary Institute, has created fine cuisine at many restaurants and resorts, including The Boulders Resort and The Phoenician in Arizona. A prolific food writer, he is now supervising chef for the San Diego (California) Community College District. His favorite food to work with is chocolate.