Advanced Nutrition

Old-School Nutrition for Mass


What was the No. 1 ingredient to get big in the early ’40s? MILK! Early bodybuilders such as Clancy Ross and John Grimek accredited much of their gains to milk. Clancy Ross even went so far
as saying it was the best thing ever to get
big. A bodybuilder asked Arnold if he drank milk, and Arnold replied that he didn’t and that milk was for babies and when you grow up you have to drink beer. Milk consists of both whey and casein; it has been shown that whey protein-based products contribute to elevations of anabolic hormones insulin and insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) plasma levels. It is the evolutional principle of milk to promote growth and support anabolic conditions for the baby during the nursing period. Milk is thought of as a “slow protein” for its ability to be digested slowly in the intestines but milk can do a whole lot more. Previous studies in adults have consistently shown that high milk consumption is associated with a 10% to 20% increase in circulating IGF- I levels in humans. A recent study reported that consuming milk post-exercise resulted in higher mixed muscle protein synthesis rates with lower rates of protein breakdown. When throwing down your favorite whey protein shake, be sure to mix in with some milk for the added growth factors.