Aid Joint Recovery With Curcumin and Green Tea Extract

Stack these two cancer fighters to help relieve pain and inflammation.

Aid Joint Recovery With Curcumin and Green Tea Extract


This active ingredient in the spice turmeric not only protects you from cancer and heart disease, but also has been shown to relieve the pain and inflammation associated with healing from surgery and arthritis. Research has also shown that it can significantly reduce cartilage destruction by inhibiting chemicals that instigate inflammation in the body.

Green Tea Extract

The main active ingredient in green tea, a catechin (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), not only enhances fat loss and reduces the risk of certain cancers — much like curcumin — but also aids joint recovery. Research has discovered that EGCG inhibits cartilage breakdown by blocking chemicals that lead to inflammation in the body.

Take It Like This

Tag team your joints so that they don’t slow down your training. Take 200-500 milligrams of turmeric extract standardized for at least 85% curcumin and 500 mg of green tea extract standardized to at least 50% EGCG two or three times per day.