Bright Lights, Big Fat Loss

Eat your meals in plenty of light to keep fat loss up


Eating romantic dinners with your other half in a dimly lit room may help keep your relationship on track, but it may be derailing your fat-loss efforts. One study presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine by Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge) researchers reported that eating in a dimly lit room raised blood sugar levels higher than eating the same meal in a well-lit room. It’s suggested that this effect might be due to the higher melatonin levels that accompany the darker environment. This conclusion was supported by the fact that eating in a bright room while taking melatonin also raised blood sugar levels higher after the meal than eating the meal in a bright room without supplemental melatonin. This is another good reason to not eat a carb-heavy meal before bed. So keep the lights bright to keep fat loss on track.