The Facts on Fat

Discover which fats are really your friends . . . and which ones aren’t.

The Facts on Fat

F-A-T-S...yeah, it’s a four-letter word, but — as you’re about to see — the right kinds of fats actually do a body(builder) good. Whether your goal is getting huge or getting shredded, fats can be your ally. You just have to know which ones to eat, which ones to avoid, how much to eat and the best times to eat them. So put away your fears and get the full skinny on fats, your new BFFs.

GOOD FATS: Polyunsaturated Fats


Fats that have more than one double-bonded carbon in the molecule. Polyunsaturated fats stay liquid at room temperature and when chilled. They also include the essential fatty acids that the body needs but can’t produce, namely omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.


1- Fights the breakdown of muscle tissue
2- Conserves branched-chain amino acids
3- Offers anti-inflammatory properties (reduces muscle soreness, enhances joint recovery)
4- Enhances fat loss (shown to be true of omega-3s)


Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, Trout, White Tuna, Flaxseeds and Walnuts, plus Safflower, Corn, Canola, Soybean and Fish Oils


“I use polyunsaturated fats to combat muscle-tissue inflammation and breakdown by making sure my athletes eat at least one ounce of seeds a day and consume at least one fish meal a day,” nutritionist and trainer Neil Hill says. “I also add a teaspoon of omega 3-6-9 oils in supplement form for each meal.”

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