Get Big On a Budget

17 budget-friendly foods and tips to help you grow.


Unless you have a cow you can milk or a pig you can butcher in your backyard, then you are, like us, at the mercy of the rising costs of bodybuilding staples. The harsh reality is that a trip to the supermarket can be a pricey outing, especially when loading your grocery cart with pounds of animal in pursuit of gaining mass like a pro. Before you decide to make tofu your go-to protein on the grill and ramen noodles a lunch staple, there’s a way you can still embrace your inner carnivore while keeping your grocery bill under control. How?  By moving away from expensive proteins and turning instead to more budget-friendly ones. Here’s how to stretch your grocery dollar so you can get all the protein you can stomach without breaking the bank.


In any given supermarket you can probably cast your line for a tin of sardines for less than two bucks. The upshot is that the tiny swimmers offer fantastic nutritional value for the cost. Not only are sustainable sardines jam-packed with protein and muscle-friendly omega-3 fats, they’re also a good source of vitamin D. A recent study in the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sport found that higher intakes of vitamin D are associated with improved muscular strength. What’s more, Harvard researchers determined that vitamin D can help bolster testosterone levels. You know, that anabolic hormone that helps you get jacked.


If you’re drinking gallons of milk with your protein shakes in the pursuit of hyper-growth, then you’re all too aware that the price of moo juice keeps inching upward. So another great money-saving tip is to buy powdered milk. Gallon for gallon, milk made from milk powder will cost you up to 35% less than what you pay for the fresh drink sold in jugs. It also stores very well, so you can buy in bulk and never have to settle for a watered-down shake again when you’ve run out of milk. You can also use it when making pancakes or for cereal.


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