Number Crunch: Worth The Squeeze

Orange Juics vs Cranberry Juice


Orange Juice (1 cup)

Calories 112 Protein 2g Carbs 26g Fat 0.5g Fiber 0.5g Extras Hesperidin


Cranberry Juice (1 cup)

Calories 116 Protein 1g Carbs 31g Fat 0.3g Fiber 0.3g Extras Proanthocyanidins


In the United States we love our cranberries (we consume about 400 million pounds a year—around 80 million over Thanksgiving alone), but with more protein, fewer calories and carbs, and a host of unique benefits, orange juice wins this fight. Both juices are excellent sources of vitamin C and cranberry juice has even been proven to support urinary-tract health and combat osteoporosis and certain types of cancer. However, orange juice’s unique benefits have a more direct effect on your physique. When consumed with a meal containing carbs and fat, orange juice prevents the inflammation that usually follows, blocking the development of insulin resistance and supporting blood-vessel elasticity. Orange juice also contains a pigment called hesperidin, which, research shows, can improve the performance of blood vessels.