From Ephendra to Citridene

The newest approach to extreme fat burning.

From Ephendra to Citridene

Amidst a sea of controversy, ephedra-based dietary supplements were banned back in 2005. Ephedra was such a phenomenon because it was natural and herbal, you did not need a prescription to get it, and it worked by sharply stimulating the metabolism to burn fat while dramatically suppressing hunger and appetite. Through landslide support signaled by billions upon billions of dollars worth of purchases of products over decades like Metabolife 356, Ripped Fuel, Xenadrine RFA-1, and Hydroxycut, the public had tried ephedra and, through overwhelming consensus proven by the popularity, decided that ephedra was absolutely phenomenal for extreme and immediate weight-loss results. 

Yet despite the addition of over 150 studies supporting the safety and efficacy of ephedra-based products, the government and the pharmaceutical industry pushed forward with their agenda to get ephedra out of the hands of the public. Having such a popular supplement that far outsold anything the drug companies had and was not under the control of the government was something they were not going to stand for. Their lawyers cited supposed deaths and injuries, none of which in the end, when carefully considered, truly had a clean and ironclad story of cause-and-effect. But they got their way. Through lawsuits, litigation, and regulations, they got ephedra banned forever from the hands of the public. 

Today, ephedra does not exist anymore for weight loss. By their design, only the pharmaceutical companies versions (non-herbal synthetic forms of pure “amphetamine”) are allowed to be dispensed, but even then, only with a prescription. Of course, it’s not the same as natural ephedra, so it comes as no surprise that they never came close in popularity to the original. In truth, although herbal ephedra was proven to be safe and effective when taken as directed (and by individuals appropriately prescribed it), ephedra was not without its problems. For one, it was most certainly a natural version of a “speed” stimulant. So while the fat-burning and weight-loss numbers were impressive and incontrovertible for so many, there were some people who either couldn’t handle or simply didn’t want the “speedy” feeling. 

Either way, since the ban, consumers have been at a grave loss when it comes to an effective replacement to help with extreme fat burning. The pharmaceutical industry’s unnatural weight-loss drugs seemed to pale in comparison and never have captured consumer confidence. People remember and know the difference. Consumers are still waiting. They are still looking for the same magic that they had with ephedra, but without any drawbacks— a safe, natural alternative to ephedra, with all the bang, that you can purchase the same way, without a prescription, and that can give you the same or even better immediate results—extreme fat loss and a powerful sense of energy. 

Medical science needed time to catch up, so most of the products out there since the ban have been less than effective. But a beacon of hope has always remained, as the physician weight-loss experts who brought us some of the most successful dietary supplement products of our time continued to toil. Now, with the coming of citidrene, a new excitement is brewing. Citidrene is a natural, non-pharmaceutical appetite suppressor with metabolic-supporting properties, yet, this time, without excessive speedlike effects. As with ephedra before 2005, you currently do not need a doctor’s prescription to obtain citidrene. The huge advancement over the old ephedra-containing products is that citidrene does not contain the combination of ingredients that may have caused jitters, nervousness, and/or elevated heart rate in some people. 

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