Go Hard Or Go Home

Animal’s Stack for Muscle Growth and Strength


To really push muscle growth and strength gains there are two major things to focus on—training with enough intensity to stimulate changes in the muscle fibers that will encourage muscle growth and strength gains, and then recovering properly from those intense training sessions. To really maximize your training intensity and recovery, you must provide your body the proper macro- and micronutrients. In addition to using a quality protein powder before and after workouts, using both Animal Rage and Animal Pak pre-workout for their intensity-boosting and recovery-enhancing properties is a good way to have your bases covered for optimizing muscle growth and strength gains.

Animal Rage – A good pre-workout supplement provides key nutrients to enhance energy levels, boost both muscle strength and endurance, and increase alertness and mental focus. Animal Rage is one such product that provides all the right nutrients to deliver those benefits and then some. For energy and endurance it contains caffeine, coffee bean extract, green tea extract, citrulline malate, Schisandra sinensis, Rhodiola rosea, Cordyceps sinensis, and evodiamine. For strength it enlists the two most critical amino acids for that job: beta-alanine and taurine. Having higher levels of both in muscle fibers has been shown to enhance muscle strength. And for mental focus it uses N-acetyl-tyrosine, choline, and vinpocetine. And all of these ingredients are multitaskers that offer far more than one benefit. For example, caffeine has also been shown to boost strength, while beta-alanine and taurine also decrease fatigue and enhance endurance.

Animal Pak – To ensure proper recovery and make progress in strength and muscle gains, you have to get in adequate amounts of all required vitamins and minerals. Animal Pak provides ample doses for hard-training athletes 
of beta-carotene (providing the best form of vitamin A); the B vitamins; vitamins C, D, and E;
 as well as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iodine. But Animal Pak not only provides a higher dose of these critical micronutrients than most standard multivitamins out there, it also provides other critical ingredients to enhance recovery, growth, performance, and health. These include an amino acid complex providing branched-chain amino acids and other essential amino acids, as well as a digestive-enzyme complex to help your body better absorb the protein, carbs, and fat that you need for muscle recovery and growth. There is also choline, which helps the nervous system recover, and antioxidants, including alpha-lipoic acid, lutein, lycopene, pine bark extract, and grapeseed extract to protect from free radical damage, as well as provide a host of other benefits. And there are even health and performance enhancers such as Panax ginseng, Siberian ginseng (eleuthero), hawthorn berry, milk thistle, and pyridoxine alpha-ketoglutarate.