10 Weeks to Super Strength

Our pure power program for crazy size and strength.



These basic, free-weight, compound exercises are the bread and butter of the PPP. Here are some general tips to apply to all of the exercises for maximum benefit.

  • Create a solid connection to the bar by squeezing it as hard as possible, transmitting the force developed by the target muscles to the bar.
  • On bench presses, overhead presses, squats, and close-grip bench presses, take a deep breath in and hold it as you lower the weight and start to push. This causes an increase in pressure in your chest and abdominal cavity to support your body and generate more power. Exhale after passing the most difficult stage of the lift or after you reach the top position.
  • Explode from the bottom. In reality, the bar will move slowly, but the neural drive that results from the force of effort will amplify power.


  • To determine the best grip for your arm length, make sure there is a 90-degree angle at the shoulder and the elbow when the bar reaches your chest.
  • Squeeze your scapulae together while lowering the bar to stabilize the shoulder girdle and recruit the lats.
  • As you press up, try to rip the bar apart by pulling your arms outward without changing your grip on the bar.
  • Press the bar up and back toward your face. This slight arc will allow you to use heavier weight.
  • As you’re pressing with your arms, simultaneously drive the weight with your legs by planting your feet firmly on the floor to transfer more force to the upper body.


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