10 Weeks to Super Strength

Our pure power program for crazy size and strength.



  • Keep your torso just above parallel to the floor and your chest out to maintain the natural arch in your back.
  • Pull the bar into your lower abs to contract your lats and middle-back muscles.


  • To turn up the intensity, do barbell rows in a rack.
  • Set the safety pins in a power rack at a point just below knee height.
  • Start with the loaded bar resting on the pins, and with a fast and powerful move, pull the bar up to your waist and lower it back to the pins.
  • Pause for several seconds with the bar on the pins and repeat for reps.


  • For extra stability, bring you hands in as close to your shoulders as possible and press the bar against your back.
  • Find the foot position that is most comfortable for your individual biomechanics.
  • As you power up, force your knees out and push out on the sides of your shoes. This keeps the tension in your hips for greater strength.


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