Akim Williams' Old School Leg Workout

Just how badly do you want bigger, stronger legs?



Per Bernal


The hack squat apparatus is the next stop. Here, the Pompton Lakes, NJ, resident—who has a computer science degree from Long Island University—often takes a different approach, combining wide-stance and close-stance variations into one superset. “We shot this workout at Bev’s Powerhouse in Syosset, NY, where the hack platform was narrow, so I stepped off to both sides of the machine for the wider stance,” he says. “Wherever I’m training, I try to get a feel for my body and how comfortable I can get, so sometimes that means stepping off, and sometimes I can keep my feet on the plate in the wider stance.”

In any case, he begins with 10 reps of one stance, then racks the sled and immediately switches to the other, trying to push out at least eight to 10 more reps before failure terminates the effort. “I do this when I’m chasing the pump,” he says. “It adds more overall volume to the workout.” Here, it’s three sets total, sticking with three to four plates per side throughout instead of pyramiding upward.

Per Bernal


To finish off his quads, Williams returns to where he began, the leg extension machine, for some two-leg extensions. Sliding the pin in next to a high number near the bottom of the stack, he goes four rounds of 20 reps each, with a brief 20-second rest in between each set.

To gash a few more lines of new detail into his billowing quads, he’ll tack on three sets of dumbbell walking lunges, 20 total steps per set. He errs on the side of caution here, grabbing the 50s, sometimes the 60s at the heaviest. “I don’t understand why some guys try to lunge with bigger dumbbells than that,” he says. “Lunges are a tricky movement—one false step and you can get injured.”


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