Build Muscle Mass While Preventing Joint Damage

Scientists bring you a workout to help you build cartilage back up and prevent further breakdown.

Build Muscle Mass While Preventing Joint Damage


These findings do not mean that you have to train light all the time. Instead, you should balance every heavy workout with a light workout. In the “Joint Effort” program, train four times a week for two light and two heavy sessions, training each bodypart twice in that week. Workout one is done on Mondays and hits quads, hamstrings and calves, plus back and biceps, with low sets, low reps and heavy weight. Perform two exercises per bodypart and two or three sets per exercise. Think that’s not enough? You’ll be hitting those muscle groups again in just two days. Plus, research shows that, in experienced lifters, performing four to six sets per muscle group is optimal for building strength. The weight you’ll be pushing for this workout should be heavy enough to limit you to five to eight reps per set.

Workout two is on Tuesdays and it’s another low-set, low-rep, heavy-weight workout similar to the first, but this one hits chest, shoulders, traps and triceps.

Workout three is performed on Wednesdays. You’ll use the same exercises for quads, hamstrings, calves, back and biceps as in workout one, but with higher reps and lower weight. Choose poundages that allow you to complete 15-20 reps per set. Stick with the same exercises to ensure that you are stressing the joints in the same way as for the heavy workout. This will provide maximum protection against the earlier heavy workout, keeping your joints healthy so you can continue to train hard for many years.

Workout four, on Thursdays, hits chest, shoulders, traps and triceps, as in workout two — but using light weights and high reps. Then, take three days off to allow your joints to fully recover before you attack them again on Monday and Tuesday with heavy weights. (Continue to work your abs during this program. We suggest that you train abs at the end of the workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but the timing isn’t critical as long as you include them at some point.)

The first two weekly workouts build strength and muscle mass, but at the expense of joint tissue. Heavy weight sets in motion the processes leading to joint cartilage degeneration. The next two workouts of the week offset this effect on the joints and enhance cartilage regeneration. Inserting two light training days immediately after two heavy training days helps to reverse the joint degeneration process as quickly as possible, and this schedule will give your joints enough time for regeneration before the next heavy workout.

High-rep workouts further enhance muscle growth by stimulating the generation of new blood vessels (capillaries). Through the capillaries, oxygen, nutrients and hormones pass from blood into muscle. Increasing the number of capillaries that feed muscles allows for greater delivery of oxygen, nutrients and anabolic hormones to them, resulting in better recovery and muscle growth.

Since you perform the same exercises for two workouts eachweek, you should change your exercise selections every two or three weeks to maintain varietyand avoid stagnation.


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